Assassin was built for Trijam #125 with the theme "One Enemy Only". The entire game including code, sound effects, and assets were all made within 3 hours and 23 minutes. My take on the "One Enemy Only" theme was to make a game where there is only one enemy among many similar entities and you need to find the correct one to kill. 

Play as a hired assassin who is assigned with a targets to take out. Each round has "Only One Enemy", but they are surrounded by similar looking civilians! So be careful not to accidentally take out a civilian or you will lose. Correctly taking out a target will add 1 second back to your clock in addition to adding to your score, so try to take them out as fast as possible without making a mistake!

Use your left mouse button to shoot a target.


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My first attempt, I got 32 kills. The game is really fun to play. I think that the sound effect when you tap on the character is a bit loud. I game does seem a bit quiet which might've been some of the reason. If this is one of your first games, a point to consider is the perspective of the player. How are they going to react to something for the first time? An idea that could make the game more challenging would be to make the characters move in different directions and add more characters. Once you do that, I think the game will be a very cool game to play.

Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback! Having the characters move and having waves that increased in size as you play was definitely the original plan. When I started running out of time to finish it though, I had to cut back on the scope. 

I’d like to make a larger version with some of those changes in the future once the game jam is over!